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Before a child is allowed to participate is any sport (game or practice)  all physicals and required forms must be turned in prior to the first practice. For a physical to be current it must be complete on or after April 15, of the previous school year.

Academic Requirements:
A student representing St. Anne in a school function/contest (including practices, rehearsals, etc.) is required to be in school for four (4) class periods on the day of the activity.
Eligibility for extra curricular activities/sports is determined after each quarter's end by using the GPA for the term and the marks therein. The minimum grade average to be eligible is a C, with no more than one (1) failing mark in core subjects.
A student with a grade average below a C is ineligible for a period of two (2) weeks. At the end of that two week period, if the students' progress report indicates no failures and a grade average above a C-, the student becomes eligible again. If not, the student has two more weeks to improve their grades. Students become ineligible when they receive a D or U in ANY subject.

Payment & Refund Policy

Payment must be made at the time of registration unless special arrangements have been made.

1) No refund is given after first game.
2) A 50% refund will be given up to first week of practice or 5 full practices (whichever is longer), unless #1 has happened.
3) A 100% refund minus fees incurred by Booster Club will be given prior to first practice, unless #1 or #2 has happened.

Playing Level Policy

1) Players will play grade specific.
2) If #1 cannot happen, two grades will be combined.
3) If #1 and #2 cannot happen, players can be moved up one grade level to make a complete team with parent, coach, and AD approval.
Examples: A Varsity team can be made up of only 8th, 7th and 6th graders. JV Teams can only be made up of 6th, 5th and 4th graders. All other teams are instructional in nature.

Volunteer Policy

All families are required to volunteer a minimum of 4 hours or pay $100. The volunteer requirement is per family, per sports season. Hours must be completed by the last game of the regular season. If the 4 hour requirement is not met, you will be charged the fee after the last game of the regular season.
Volunteer hours can be worked for any team/event that is available on the signup sheet. Currently, signup is done on Signup Genius and links are provided on the athletics website ( If you can not work a shift, you signed up for; you must contact the team mom or coach a minimum of 2 hours before the shift. If you signup for a shift and no-show, you will be charged an additional $20.
Once the team has played one game, you are responsible for meeting the volunteer requirements.
Example of volunteer roles: team mom/dad, concessions, working on fund raisers (ex: setup, teardown, check-in), game day support (ex: football chains, down marker, score keeper), uniform/equipment handout, etc.
The volunteer fee must be paid before any member of the family can participate in another sport.

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Zero Tolerance

St. Anne Athletics has adopted a ZERO TOLERANCE policy. It is focusing on improper behavior and speech of athletes, coaches, and parents. It will include behavior on and off the fields and courts, and in and out of the stands.
We are a Catholic Community and we believe we are in the presence of God every minute of our lives and our conduct must reflect that. All that we do and say reflects who we are as individuals, as families, and as a community. It is because of this relationship that improper behavior and speech will not be tolerated.
Respect must be given to coaches, referees, parents, teammates, and property at all times and under every circumstance. We are guests both home and away, and the willful intent of the destruction of property will not be tolerated. Restitution for the destroyed property will be the responsibility of individual(s) involved and their parents. Derogative comments and swearing is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, especially from athletes. 
Zero tolerance demands that if the behavior or speech of a coach, athlete or parent is deemed unacceptable by the Athletic Director, that coach will be dismissed, and that athlete and/or parent will be expelled from participating in that sport for the remainder of the season.

24 Hour Rule

 St. Anne Athletics has a "24 HOUR RULE" that needs to be followed by EVERYONE. This rule means that no one is to approach a coach or speak with a coach until 24 hours after a game/scrimmage. We all know how things can get heated and out of control quickly--that is why this rule is in place. 24 hours gives the parents as well as the coaches a "cooling off" period and time to think more rational. We encourage you to go to the coach first with any problems, but we ask that you respect the 24 hour rule.

We also ask that you PLEASE let the coaches coach and you be the parent while your children are participating in their sporting event. If you choose not to respect the 24 hour rule, it will cause you to be suspended from your child's next game.  If it happens a second time, it will cause your child to be suspended from a game.  Please, we ask that you respect the coach's space and give the situation 24 hours. If you feel that you need to speak to someone other than the coach, feel free to contact the Athletic Director.

Uniform Policy

The Athletic Department at St. Anne will provide each team member with a uniform.  It is the athlete’s responsibility to keep the uniform clean and in good condition.  If the athlete loses or fails to return the uniform, assigned to them, he/she is responsible for funding the replacement cost of that uniform.  Please see that the uniform is WASHED AFTER EACH TIME IT IS WORN!  Uniforms that are not laundered after each use become stained and are not presentable to be worn for the following season and the appropriate replacement costs will be assessed.  Please return uniforms immediately after the season is finished. Coaches will give instructions as to how and when this should be done. 
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